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Always On
Marketing with
Bullseye Marketing

Just 5% of prospects are ready to buy when they meet any business. I want to show other businesses how to combine their in-person networking with online marketing to create customers. Small business owners are always hustling to find customers and compete with national brands and/or franchises. Getting customers, one at a time, being frustrated with the slow progress of "breaking-in" to a market, can just drive them nuts. That’s where you need to learn about Bullseye Marketing. Their big competitors have the advantage of appearing available 24/7. My clients need to do the same. That's what I call Always On Marketing. That means marketing, giving info, setting up appointments, and allowing self-service options have to be available 24/7/365.

Small business is the heartbeat of America. Business owners want marketing to be simple (which it isn't) and productive (which it can be.) I want customers to get to the meat of their marketing, lead generation, quickly and easily. I offer them my experience as a small business owner, where I've worked in our multi-million dollar family business for over 10 years, plus my experience working in technology for over 25 years.