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Belgrade In my heart, I knew what really mattered.  This country is wall to wall small business. Despite the rise of technology and the flourishing Internet, you still can’t get your haircut or a doctor visit or hardwood floor installation from simply ordering it on the web.  Someone close by has to deliver that service. The local business owner has a dream – do what they love, serve others, support themselves and help their community.  But, standing out against better funded, better known companies isn’t always that easy.

Bougouni Two things inspired my passion for local small business marketing. One: In 2007, I was hired to launch a medical spa – the kind of business where you can get Botox, lip filler, laser hair removal, laser facelifts and the like.  So, I met with the local daily newspaper.  For about $4K/month, my client could get like 3 ads a week.  Not a huge ad but a decent sized ad.

Holy moley!!! That’s a ridiculous amount of money on the off chance someone sees my client’s business in a dying form of media.   Local newspapers are thriving but not THAT much.  Are you KIDDING me?

Around the same time I started working with my dad’s business in earnest.  He’s run a successful self storage facility in our hometown and plus two other facilities nearby that he’s owner/ general manager of. But, the self storage marketing advice, like a lot of small business marketing advice, is for dinosaurs.

One self storage marketing company I know advises  you to get jars of candy and take them to the local apartment managers and come back and service them to build a relationship for referrals. Great idea but time consuming and not a great way to meet the volume of customers needed to sustain the business.  In fact, until recently, the self storage industry just stank in their marketing approach.  Yellow Pages is still the most prevalent form of advertising.  Yellow Pages has its place.  And, I knew that my dad is really open to new techniques and methods.  He didn’t want to get left behind.

Ultimately, what really motivated me to help local small businesses is that the Internet was transforming marketing like crazy and local business owners just couldn’t or wouldn’t get on board with online searching.  In fact, most owners couldn’t figure out how to tie together the online and offline aspects of local business marketing.

Those two situations led me to transform Bullseye Marketing from corporate work to supporting small business.  That’s why Bullseye Marketing exists.  We’re here to marry theiInternet’s best ideas with community marketing to produce stellar results for thousands of businesses nationwide.  Today: It’s time for a new revolution: the Local Revolution.


Anne Kenney, Chief Wrangler and CEOAnne Headshot Hawaii 2012

Today, I work directly with business owners because I fundamentally believe that small business are the engine of the economy, that no business owner should ever pay for bad marketing again and that every town in America would collapse were it not for local businesses. After all, a small local business is the one who sponsors Little League, contributes to school auctions, organizes benefits when disaster or tragedy strikes and the thousands of ways we give back to make our community work.

Prior to now, I worked in a variety of marketing positions, steadily working up to a Marketing Communications manager at Silicon Graphics. SGI taught me a lot about what to do and what NOT to do in marketing. I learned a big lesson from them…generating leads is invaluable in marketing but not as important as working those leads.

I took that passion for leads, working as a contractor and consultant for companies like Aspect, Latitude Communications and Autodesk until I tired of working 3 or 5 levels down from the head of sales.  I loved my work and I loved marketing.  But, I want to really affect change, visibly, to me and the business.

That’s when I found my true calling and carved out a path working with small business owners who would be getting advice from another small business owner. Bullseye Marketing understands all that it takes to be successful including scars, bruises and empty bank accounts. We come from an place of empathy and do everything possible to make you a Local Marketing Standout.

Specialties: local marketing, small business marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, market planning, direct marketing, message development, event marketing, event planning, marketing writing, collateral writing, direct mail, marketing communications, contract negotiation, marketing project management.

B. of S. – University of San Francisco, English Literature – apparently criticizing the Old Masters of Literature helps you write and edit marketing copy.