What’s Their Sign? Dog Horoscopes Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

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Downers Grove Rockne Duck Dynasty photo

This is my sister’s dog who I walk twice a week.  All boy and purebred Beagle.  Here’s his horoscope for today.  Yesterday, he played on the “Big Dog” side of the dog park.  He gets rolled…a lot by the big boys but he doesn’t mind.  Those you ignore him get barked at, incessantly.  He refuses to not be the object of desire.  He really doesn’t bark at home but in public, a bit obnoxious.  Goodness.  He’s fun.  Did I tell you how he cries and howls in the car on the way to the park?  Makes me laugh every time.

Jabālyā Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
You have no sheep to organize, only your friends. They might not take to being herded around, but they’re your only real option. The humans are out, it goes without saying. Make sure they know it’s not about power or prestige, but simply about following your instincts every now and again.

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