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neurontin 600mg On November 8th, Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Page — with over 380,000 fans — disappeared. For 36 hours, no one could quite figure what had happened to it or why it had vanished into thin air.

Social Media Examiner is one of the best read and respected blogs on the Internet for social media. Mari Smith and Michael Stelzner’s advice and wisdom are highly valued by marketers. But, one day the Internet went “poof” and their Facebook page was gone. They saved themselves because they had been using their entire online presence to build their most valuable asset – their email list. Are you leveraging your Internet presence to build your most valuable asset?

In my recent blog, Launch Your Local Small Business’ Email Newsletter in 5 Easy Steps,  I show you how to set up your own email newsletter that you can share with those who sign up to stay in contact with you via Facebook or your website or other social media outlets.

You’re spending time developing your website, your business cards, pamphlets, Facebook posts but none of it will ever be seen nor acted upon if you don’t have a list of people to reach out to.  So, think about developing your most valuable asset: your marketing list.

Source: What Would You Do if Your Facebook Page Disappeared? | Constant Contact Blogs