120 Ways To Get Readers To Your Local Business Blog. Juice It Up!

Give your blog juice

Given the explosion of blogs and bloggers, you probably think you’re going to get lost in a churning sea of information.  That’s entirely possible.  But, there are some things you can to do pull your blog into the boat and save yourself from drowning or  getting lost at sea.

Why should you blog?  For local businesses it’s a surprisingly good way of adding “juice” to your website.  Google’s algorithm (the formula for delivering results) is constantly on the hunt for three things: 1) relevance, 2) freshness, and 3) connection.  When you blog, you do all of those, making it far more likely that your business will turn up in the highly coveted organic results.  Remember, Google wants  be the go-to search engine so they give you results that really match your query.  Then, the look for websites that are tended to.  A blog shows that you tend your website without you constantly having to update your other pages.  As far as connections go, the algorithm looks for social media connections and links.  Comments go along ways to.  See if you can solicit comments from some of your fans and remember to post your blog to your Facebook Fan Page.

In this infographic, that’s intended for new local business blogs, there’s great advice for both new and experienced bloggers to get discovered by Google.  Of course, Google isn’t the only search engine but it’s used by 70% – 80% of all users.  So it’s the 800-lb gorilla in the room.  It cannot be ignored.  Appealing to Google is the best way to juice up your blog.


120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs

Infographic by Digital Philippines

Rule Number 3 – Target, Target, Target

Rule Number 3- Target, Target, Target


Target Your Marketing



If you’re a small business, you’re maybe wondering what the heck does a multi-billion dollar company have to do with me.  Yes, they have mega-budgets.  But, they are challenged with appealing to millions of people.  No small task.  You only have to find a few to be successful.  And, you don’t need hundreds of data points to do it.  If you are liking one of your customers in particular, it’s worthwhile to explore why that relationship works.  And, it’s always more about how they behave than most other info about them.  If you’re a plumber, a good prospect is not only someone with a plumbing problem.  It’s probably someone with an old house and who’s WILLING to hire a plumber.  They don’t want to do-it-themselves.


In my new report, 25 Time-Tested Rules of Small Business Marketing, I write in Rule #3 about targeting your market and learning from one of the best target marketers of all, Target department store.  Target Stores are geniuses at catering to their clientele.  They know exactly who their clients are.  According to the company, (more…)