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In the meantime, here’s information about our Local Marketing Audit.

Are you ready to amplify your marketing power both online and in-person? Bullseye Marketing invites you to an exclusive 1-HOUR Zoom Strategy Session with our Chief Wrangler, Anne Kenney.

In this action-packed consultation, we’ll put your in-person marketing under the microscope and pair it with a data-driven Snapshot Report of your online presence. Whether it’s social media, your website, online listings, Google Business Profile, or paid online advertising, we’ve got you covered.

As part of this session, you’ll receive our Focused Top 5 List, tailored specifically for your business; this strategic tool equips you with the insights to refine and revolutionize your marketing tactics.

Join forces with Anne and let Bullseye Marketing steer you toward unmatched growth and visibility in your local market.

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Secure your spot on the fast track to marketing mastery. With our visionary approach and your drive for success, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together!

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Remember, it’s not just a meeting—it’s the launchpad for your next marketing breakthrough. Let’s hit the Bullseye together!

Here is a little bit about Anne Kenney, founder of Bullseye Marketing.

Anne Kenney is a recognized expert in small business marketing, lead generation, and local marketing strategies. With a strong passion for supporting small businesses and a deep understanding of their unique challenges, Anne has dedicated her career to helping business owners thrive in their local communities.

She found her true calling when she founded Bullseye Marketing, a company focused on providing small business owners with advice and support from one business owner to another. Her approach is grounded in empathy, understanding the challenges faced by small business owners, and striving to make them local marketing standouts.

With expertise in lead generation, small business marketing, social media marketing, and market planning, Anne is passionate about delivering results and providing actionable strategies to help small businesses succeed.