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7 Common Complaints of Small Business Owners that Make Them Want To Hire Bullseye Marketing

  • Help! I’ve got too much on my plate. I can’t do all the selling AND the marketing AND the finance AND the management.


  • Yikes, our sales are down. Is it my sales staff or do we have enough prospects?


  • We turn over clientele every month so we need to replace them and grow at the same time. I feel like I can’t keep up with that.


  • Our referrals are not always enough to keep us in business. We need some new faces.


  • I think I’m getting a bad response to our marketing. I’m not sure what’s wrong.


  • Sheesh! These advertising salespeople call me ALL the time. I don’t want to miss out but I don’t want to waste my money either.


  • Looking through my Google Analytics report gives me a headache.   What am I even looking at?



We work exclusively with small and medium-sized business selling products and services in a focused geography. In your business, you depend on clientele living or working within a short radius of your operations and your product or service requires more than a few minutes to explain. In fact, you often develop your working relationship based on designing semi-custom or fully customized solutions for your clients.

You are focused on Ouricuri selling products and/or services that are high-touch, requiring lots of interaction with your client. You often uncover your buyer’s problem before your buyer is aware they have one. And, your buyer has to be convinced (or educated) that an intangible service will take care of the problem they’re experiencing.

order prednisone online Your business doesn’t rely on thousands of customers to be successful. Each one can represent a substantial income to you over the course of your relationship, even when their initial purchase is relatively low.   For example, if a client spend $50 per month with you over 5 years, that client is worth $3,000. If they spend $2,000 four times in 10 years, they are worth $8,000. You understand the value in calculating prospective income from your clients.