Local Marketer Nails Her Marketing of Girl Scout Cookies

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This is Danielle Lei.  Ms. Lei may be a future genius marketer.  Danielle, with her parents’ blessing, and her dad in tow, set up her table outside The Green Cross Medical Marijuana dispensary in San Francisco and sold 177 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in TWO hours on Presidents’ Day.  Her mother contact the dispensary prior to setting up and many of the Green Cross’ employees made purchases.

From my perspective, Danielle nailed the 4P’s of an excellent marketing mix.

Product – Ms. Lei recognized that she had an excellent product with a stellar reputation, prized by many.

Price – While the prices rose in the Bay Area this year from $3.50 to $5.00, most consumers are willing to pay a premium for Girl Scout cookies, knowing that the proceeds help so many and they make delicious flavors.

Placement – Putting your product directly in front of your potential customers makes it extremely easy to buy your product.

Promotion – Certainly, the strategic location combined with attractive packaging and an engaging young lady made it very easy for her to sell her cookies.

A basic understanding of your customers, their behaviors, likes and dislikes led to many successful sales.  Congratulations, Danielle!