How We Work

How we work

How we work

• What’s is like working with Bullseye Marketing? •

In our company, we use some guiding principles like quitting traditional mass marketing because it doesn’t work for service-oriented small/medium businesses.  On this page,  you’ll learn the upside of working with us plus give you a sense of what motivates us to help our clients, a little about our methods and why we are uniquely suited to your company.


buy Pregabalin 75 mg • Expected Results •

Zhirnovsk You’ll generate usable marketing leads.

You’ll create an exciting vision of who you want as clients. You’ll weed out prospects from your marketing list who will never buy from you.  You’ll see how you can add spot-on prospects to your marketing list and focus on finding crucial customers who’ll pay attention to you.  And, you’ll create methods that deepen your relationship with your current customers.

Radviliskis You’ll clarify your sales and marketing situation.

Get clarity on what’s going right and what needs to be fixed. You’ll have a marketing roadmap whether it’s for 30 days, 90 days or a year.  You’ll get a straightforward grasp of what’s going on in your market, with your competitors, with your materials and  with your programs. You’ll be able to differentiate between marketing and sales problems and get guidance on how to correct them. You’ll get your prospects to “get you.”

You’ll learn how to plainly present your company in your local community, differentiating yourself from your competitors. Your buyers will get excited when they feel you understand them and have a clear idea of what you can do for them.  So, you’ll learn what messages and ideas your audience really care about, find out what motivates them to buy and how to end up on their “short” list.

You’ll create persuasive marketing materials and promotions.

You’ll get marketing materials and promotions that really excite your prospective clients.  You’ll learn how emotions play into buying decision and how you can make emotional connections with prospects through your marketing.  You’ll discover the most appropriate for you ways to get your message across to your target market.

You’ll maximize the effectiveness of your marketing money and resources.

Spending money on advertising that is mismatched or misguided is frustrating.  Instead, you’ll learn what methods are best for you, what your industry is doing, whether you should play “follow the leader” or not and how to balance top-dollar and low-cost methods for valuable results.

• Guiding Beliefs and Values •


Teaching and Empowering Clients

In choosing to work with small businesses, we are connected to the business owner more closely.  Media sales reps are not bad people.  They genuinely believe that their product is THE BEST solution.  But, that just lacks objectivity. Contrarily, we believe that our clients need to be savvy buyers who want comprehensive marketing.  So, as best as we can, we teach clients better marketing skills.  We keep our fingers on the pulse of current marketing trends, previous experiences and lessons from working with other clients.  Then, we share that with you.

Using Marketing As Bait for Revenue

When you use your marketing dollars, you intend to turn them into revenue.  We work hard to be strategic, creative and selective with your marketing.  Your small business needs marketing that generates leads.  Period.  Not branding for the sake of branding, no image advertising without a call to action, no marketing without purpose.  That’s why we encourage purpose-driven marketing where you attract attention, turn attention into customers and turn customers into loyal customers.

Small Businesses Have to Approach Marketing Differently Than Large Ones

We small business owners are constantly under competitive pressure to use techniques and technologies used by large companies but with smaller budgets and far more modest staffs.  Except regional marketing is more person driven.  So we work to find the right balance of personalized marketing and more cost-effective, less personalized methods for you.

Creating A Relationship With Your Potential Buyers

Whether you know it or not, clients buy on emotion and justify the purchase with information.  Done right, your marketing taps into that emotion and shows prospects that you understand their problems. Providing them clear information helps them feel secure about buying from you.  Why is this ever important?  Have you cried at a Hallmark commercial?  Laughed at a Bud Light commercial? Well you’re supposed to  because Hallmark is about caring for others and Bud Light is about fun.  Both companies  spend millions every year making sure you know the emotional core of their brand.  You don’t have millions to spend but can create that same emotions and cement your company into the heart of your buyers.  We help you build a relationship in order to build customers.

Commitment To Supporting Your Community

There’s a lot of lip service paid the importance of small businesses in America.  We go beyond lip service. We are passionate about the millions of local firms nationwide who devote themselves to being good neighbors and engaged citizens. We, too, are hometown people dividing our money between local and national businesses.  We show you ways to get involved in mutually beneficial activities for you and your community.

• Our Approach •



We look at your marketing  comprehensively, from message to media to call to action.    And, marketing is our only business.  Why is specializing so important?  Because our prejudice is to getting great results regardless of media, caring about full-spectrum marketing and finding just the right approach for you. Consistency is our watchword.  Keeping your marketing consistent, make your messages even. Our challenge is finding the most efficient way to let prospects know what’s special about your products or services.

Well-Rounded Approach

Internet/web marketing is essential to your business but it’s like living on rice only.  It’s limited and not a well-balanced diet.  Many companies approaching you are really single media or very limited in their service scope.  They may be interested in your strategy but only so far as it fits with their media type. So we always start by working closely with you to get to the heart and soul of your business. Then it’s our job to package and deliver your companies’ best stories and ideas to the marketplace.

Alleviate Worry

Yes, it sounds a little crazy that getting help with your marketing will decrease stress.  But, what if you felt less overwhelmed. When we partner with clients, it because they want concentrate their resources and not do it all themselves. We think of ourselves like your CPA or plumber or mechanic.  We have specialized knowledge from our experience that you don’t have the time, interest or energy to learn.


Our perspective also comes from being a small business owner ourselves.  With over 25 years of corporate and small business marketing (SMB), we see the lopsidedness of marketing techniques and methods that fail to address the concerns of small service businesses.   So many marketing books and seminars are oriented to retailers or restaurant.  Large companies target SMBs with costly tools and techniques not always usable on a limited budget.


We have a passion for regionally-focused business owners because we feel dedicated to the place where we live.  Even though our clientele may be national, we still do business in our home town where we support other businesses who belong to the Chamber, who support our kids’ soccer teams, who give prizes for charity fundraisers, who sponsor family school nights and local non-profits.  If small business is the heartbeat of America, regional businesses are it’s lifeblood.  We support that lifeblood.