Create Impactful Marketing With One Key Ingredient

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despondingly Action-Packed Marketing – How A Call To Action Is the Most Important Marketing Ingredient!

Every year, I spend the day before Thanksgiving preparing my world-famous mashed potatoes. Well, at least they’re famous in my family! The key ingredient in the potatoes is salt. In the cooking world, salt is the beginning and end of ingredients. Even dessert and pastry cooking requires salt to enhance the sweetness. Yes, I know that it seems that the potatoes can end up tasting just like salt and nothing else but trust me, that’s not the case. You get great potato flavor with the Yukon Golds I use.  Try leaving salt, even a pinch, out of your baking and see how it goes! Key Ingredient

In local, small business marketing the key ingredient is a “call to action.” If you’re a big, national company like Coke or IBM or Target, you can do “image” or “brand” advertising. You can splash your logo on things and, then, you don’t even need words for people to recognize your company mark.

You, small business owner, don’t have the budget to get that recognition. That means that your advertising is doing double-duty. You are getting your brand out there AND using a call to action to generate response. You don’t get to cheap out on your brand identity. You just don’t use it all by itself.

The basic call to action is where you ask the reader/viewer/listener to DO something like “Call for a quote” or “Visit our website” or “Ask for a free consultation.”

buy Ivermectin online Got An Action, Now What?

Okay, you have to have a call to action that is

a) suitable to the media – i.e. – click here for a website, visit our website in a print ad

b) suitable to the step in the sales cycle – i.e. – click here is low risk, call us is high risk

The more someone knows you and your business, the likelier they’ll take a bigger action. It’s progressive. Figure out the steps for your sales process and find marketing actions for your prospect to take each time.

Sīra Great List of Calls To Action

From the book, Words That Sell by Richard Bayan, here are some calls to action to insert in your marketing.


Part 1 – Prelude to the action

Do it today.

Decide for yourself.


Act now!


Put our ideas to work.

Check it out.

Time’s running out.

You’ve waited long enough.


Part 2 – The Action Statement

Send for our free catalog.

For more details, call your…

In a hurry? Call….

May I hear from you soon?

Come in and introduce yourself.

Register for the event here.

Sign up and get your free____ today.

Just drop us a note.

Bring this coupon in.


You get the idea. Buy that book for even more great ones.  Now, let’s see how you use your call to action to improve your results.