5 Hot Marketing Trends To Incorporate Into Your Small Business for 2012

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Curated (Borrowed) YouTube Video Channel On Your Website

Video is highly prized by the Google Algorithm (the secret formula that helps people find your website.) BUT…you don’t have to create your own videos to be visible. Create your own YouTube channel and hunt for how-to videos created by others, and related to your business, to add to your channel using playlists.

Get Website and Facebook Traffic With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are dirt cheap right now. They are super easy to set up and far simpler to manage than Google AdWords. You can target them with certain keywords. Just make sure that you have a purpose to the ads like selling a specific product or making an offer to build your mailing list.

Craft An Editorial Calendar For Social Media and Blogging

Okay – this is my goal. I want to create a more purposeful plan for writing my newsletter and Facebook postings. An editorial calendar is a term from the newspaper and magazine business. In the calendar, you designate the time (month, week, day) when you are going to target a certain subject. For instance at say People Magazine, they always target the Sexiest Man Alive issue to be released the week of Thanksgiving. So, they know what ads and articles to include in the issue.

For you, you can designate one month to be all about a single subject. If you were in insurance, January might be about record-keeping and you might plan a blog or newsletter for each week on recordkeeping for your business, for your family, inventorying your personal belongings and gathering all your financials in a single place.

Using HootSuite or TweetDeck to Manage Social Media

If you are using Facebook and/or Twitter and LinkedIn for your social media, you need to check these out. From them, you can enter postings in advance and schedule them. This allows you to regularly post for say an event or a certain promotion without having to do it one at a time. You can still, and you should, post more time-sensitive material from your regular Facebook or Twitter accounts. By the way, you can automatically set up your Twitter to feed to your LinkedIn every time you tweet.

Find A Way To Incorporate Living Social or Groupon or Other Deal Services Into Your Business

Yes, it feels like stalking sometimes with deals and coupons. Customers are definitely suffering “deal fatigue” and the deal sites will see consolidation soon. But, the amount of people signed up for these services makes it very, very intriguing for you to find a way to get to a whole, new, perhaps, unexpected prospect by using a deal, even for your service business. Make sure you offer a limited amount and set a firm expiration date so you don’t get killed.



BONUS TIP – Quit overlooking print and direct mail advertising


Yes, I know these two marketing channels seem so last century. The graph here is from a survey of local merchants whose best success is coming from print newspaper and direct mail. I always tell people to consider postcards because there’s 100% readership. Any recipient has to look at a postcard to decide to throw it out or not. A well designed postcard can attract attention and drive people to your website or call you. Don’t underestimate the power of print.