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Resources, Tool, Tips and Articles For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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Helpful Articles and How-To Reports

The jury still seems to be out seems intent on becoming the local “newspaper” for lots of communities.  But, is it the best solution?  Read not only the article but the comments to see get a take on whether it’s right for you or not.
Patch Is A Huge Waste Of Money, And It Has Us Worried About Tim Armstrong’s Ability To Run AOL (AOL)


Twitter: An Ongoing Debate

Twitter is an emerging social media with millions of users and hundreds of millions of postings.  It’s a little elusive to figure out if anyone is making money using it when such a small percentage of users contribute to the dialogue.

Twitter and Social Media: Pointless babble or pot of gold?

Why Twitter Will Endure –

The Twitter Search Revolution: Popular & Promoted Tweets Mature The Service





Websites and Publications For Ideas and Inspiration

  • StartUp Nation
    Excellent resource for starting your own business

  • Entrepreneur Magazine
    Loads and loads of inspiration and how-to articles on small business, from finance to hiring employees to marketing

  • Inc. Magazine
    It’s like the People Magazine of business.  Loads of great entrepreneurs and excellent small business strategy is featured.

  • Mashable
    Social media and technology trends to watch and live by.

  • Marketing Sherpa
    Loaded with reports and articles loaded with great research in a wide range of marketing.

  • Ali Brown, Entrepreneurial Coaching and Secret Millionaire
    Ali is a true entrepreneurial success who inspires others and is featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire

  • The Direct Marketing Association
    For the latest on direct marketing techniques, tools and laws.

  • Selling Power Magazine
    Get motivated to sell.  It’s an important core competency in your business.

  • mThink Performance Revenue
    Keep your finger on the pulse on the trends of online marketing and online revenue.

  • The Small Business Administration
    One of the best resources for small business are the Small Business Development Centers nationwide which offer you resources and classes to set up and grow your business.

  • Forbes Magazine
    Good research spot for targeting your market.  Excellent resource for understanding a wide variety of industries and their trends.

  • People Magazine
    Great for spotting trends and newsmakers in this magazine far earlier than many other publications.  Buy the print edition.  The stories are in greater depth.

    When you are looking to start your social media journey by commenting on blogs, go here.  Among their many list is the Top 100 Blogs and blogging trends.

Networking Event Listings

  • Business Journals
    Excellent localized business coverage for loads of American cities and regions
  • Meetup
    Want to find a networking group?  Want to start a networking group?  Meetup has millions of business, social and interest groups for you to explore.

Networking and Professional Organizations

Chambers of Commerce

Networking and Referral Organizations


San Francisco Bay Area Networking, Professional Organizations and Event Listings

  • SDForum
    SDForum reaches 12,000 technology professionals annually through more than 15 extremely well-done events each month run by an enormously impressive Board of Directors and an impressive leadership.

    Derinda Garamond runs this terrific listing of all kinds of business events throughout the Bay Area.  If you need any type of networking, entrepreneurial education or support for your small business, this is a can’t-be-beat resource.

  • Full Calendar Event Listings
    Not only is this full of business events but if you have ANY event to list, use this terrific service.  Inexpensive and very effective.

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