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Marketing Smarts NewsletterSept. 1, 2011Short and SweetList Building for Profit – Part 15 Tips Today’s Entrepreneurs Can Learn from (author) J.K. Rowling Greetings!! I’m shortening this up this week so you can cut to the article on list building.  It’s a bit like putting a puzzle together and it’s the most essential piece.  I’ve always known that you need a list to do any good marketing.But Chip Doyle, my brilliant and talented sale coach of Sandler Sales, says “It’s the list, the lis


Big Marketing For Small Business
Marketing Smarts Newsletter – August 25, 2011Baby StepsStrategy and Implementation – A Tasty Combination9 Ways to Market Your Small or Medium Business Online View of San Mateo Bridge With Tide OutGreetings! ! Oh my goodness!  You should have seen me this morning when I was walking on the levee that keeps the San Francisco Bay from flooding the entire Peninsula.  I did a little dance of joy yesterday morning.  Luckily, the few people out there ignored me.  It was a sight..


Email Newsletter August 19, 2011 (Aug 2011)
Boy! I Really GoofedMarketing Smarts Newsletter – August 18, 2011No-Goof Editing Tricks What’s On Your Mind?5 Stages of the New Sales Cycle Greetings! ! Well last week, I sent this newsletter out with the wrong title.  I hate that!  I try to be so careful to check and re-check when I’m writing.  So, I guess I’m human.  It just bugs me that I advertise one thing and then deliver another.  Rats!If you do any writing – emails, newsletters, reports or notes – here are some tricks I use to help


Email Newsletter August 12, 2011 (Aug 2011)
Making Social Media Work For Your Small BusinessMarketing Smarts NewsletterAug. 12, 2011 Greetings! ! When humans look at the sky and the ocean, they see expansiveness and think of possibilities.  Ocean vacations are very popular for this reason.August isn’t done yet and there’s still time to complete your business’ possibilities in the last 4 months of the year.  You had dreams at the beginning of the year.  If you’re not achieving the full dream this year, what’s a refined or scaled-down goal that’s achievable?1) What’s your


Email Newsletter Aug. 4 2011 (Aug 2011)
Got It Together?Marketing Smarts Newsletter  August 4, 2011 Greetings! ! Keeping a Fresh Perspective When Heat Stroke Might Be Setting In I think the price we’re paying in the San Francisco Bay Area for fantastic rainfall this past winter is a pretty crappy and cold summer.  It was a La Nina year.  The weather forecasters said La Nina could mean lots of rain or a drought.  That’s code for “I have no freakin’ clue.”  In the end, we had spectacular snow fall in the mountains and


Email Newsletter July 29, 2011 (Jul 2011)
Creating A Money-Making MessageMarketing Smarts Newsletter  July 29, 2011 Greetings! ! Summer is in full swing and it’s not too late to plan for your late summer and fall harvests. Summer, at least here in the West, means turning the sprinkler system back on.  Before you think you’ve received a gardening email, you haven’t.  You have received a little musing on how your garden doesn’t go dry in the summer and neither should your marketing. If you let your garden go dry over the summer, when winter hits,