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Attention Local Business Owners:

  • You’ve got to get clients who live or work close to your business.

  • Do you want to waste another minute letting them go to the competition? Or worse, do nothing?

  • Are you sick and tired of doing marketing that’s not getting you new clients?

  • Want to make your local business stand out and get leads consistently?

  • Do you feel like you’re shouting into the wilderness and no one hears you?

Ask yourself:

  • Does my marketing generate nearby,  interested buyers?

  • Is my marketing efficient and is it realistic for me?

  • What do I need to fix to make more money?

What does this mean for you?

When you’re a small business owner and you sell a service,  convincing prospects to buy from you isn’t all that easy.  You have to evict them from their complacency into making a change.  Saving money isn’t even the most compelling reason for change.  And neither is making the problem go away.

Humans have an unlimited tolerance for keeping things the same.   I have one client who has a Yellow Pages ad that’s so crowded and messy, it’s impossible for him to change because he afraid one missing piece of information will stop someone from calling.  Though, he agreed to shrink the ad and drop another ad, it’s still a jumble.  You can probably relate.  Imagine getting your prospect to change and choose YOU.  It isn’t easy.

Your only job as a business owner is to make the phone ring,  get in-person meetings or get web inquiries and make the sale.  But, if you’ve been doing it yourself or cobbling together different resources with no cohesive plan, that’s where we come in.

Your local service business needs a plan, needs a roadmap.  You need to fight like a big dog against franchises, national companies and, sometimes, the guy in the next cubicle over.


You’ve got to stand out and make the most out of every person who reaches out to your business.  You work your ass off in your business.  Don’t you want your marketing to reflect that?



How To Stop Worrying About Your Local Marketing Effort


More leads More sales




Bullseye Marketing helps local small business owners and entrepreneurs generate qualified sales leads through crafting a distinctive marketing story and action plans designed to quickly target buyers.  If you are selling an intangible service or are a business that relies heavily on income from services and are not reaching all the clients you could be, then we should talk.


Stop the worry. Stop the frustration. Click here today.

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